NuXo Email Filtering Services - protect your email server against spam virus and failure (high efficiency - no false positive - no changes to your existing installation)

Looking for the best solution to protect your emails against spam and viruses without any risk of losing legitimate emails?

Just ask yourself...

What happens to your productivity when you waste valuable time sorting legitimate emails from spam?

How much does it cost your company when a virus or a worm spreads on your network, or when your mail server is unavailable?

NuXo Technologies Inc. has the answer!

NuXo Managed Email Filtering Services

NuXo Technologies Inc. provides your corporate email system with
  • highly efficient spam detection
  • protection against viruses and attacks
  • backup and disaster recovery services
  • full redundancy
  • without any change to your existing installation and without any risk of losing legitimate emails!
    With NuXo Technologies in charge, focus on your core business and be more productive with a total peace of mind!   Learn more...

    Why choose NuXo?

    Higher Efficiency
         Our innovative multi-layered architecture combines the most recent technologies including Advanced Context Filtering allowing for more efficient threats detection.

    No legitimate emails lost
         Our solution is designed to avoid False Positives making it ideal for business customers who can't afford to lose any email.

    No changes to your existing installation
         Our top of the line managed services provide your company with a high level of protection, without requiring any change to your installation.

    Free 30 days Trial
         Quick and easy to start Free Trial.

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