NuXo Email Filtering Services - protect your email server against spam virus and failure (high efficiency - no false positive - no changes to your existing installation)

What is Spam?

Spam, also known as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), consist in junk email sent to large number of recipients, usually to promote products or services.

Viruses propagating themselves through emails, can also be considered as spam. Recent waves of worms such as the infamous Netsky illustrate very well the problem: once a system invaded, the worm harvests the user's address book and propagate itself by sending emails.

How others try to fight it...

Most spam filtering solutions currently available on the market are based on content filtering. Unfortunately, they have many important issues:

  • Content analysis is very cpu intensive.
  • Network bandwidth is wasted since all spams are accepted by your mail server before being filtered (on the server itself or on your mail client).
  • It is prone to False Positives (when an anti-spam solution block the delivery of legitimate emails).
  • Most of the time, senders don't even know their email was discarded as spam Moreover, solutions based only on content filtering are becoming less and less effective because spammers adapt and use tricks to fool them.
NuXo Original Approach

Two key aspects of our spam filtering technology are that we have a No False Positive Policy and the fact that we do not reject any email coming from SMTP compliant mail servers. Stopping spam is not as difficult as avoiding False Positive results. But business customers can not afford to lose any email.

For those reasons, the NuXo spam filtering solution is particularly well suited for Businesses.

Spam facts

A recent study from Osterman Research indicates that Spam represents 75% or more of the incoming email traffic for most organizations...

According to a recent IDC report "Worldwide Anti-spam Solutions 2004-2008 Forecast", the volume of spam messages sent daily worldwide has jumped from 7 billions in 2002 to 23 billions in 2004.

An other report from Ferris Research estimated the spam-related cost in information technology resources to US businesses to $10 billion in 2003.

According to a report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the average monthly growth rate in phishing sites in the second half of 2004 was 24% and the average time online for a site was 5.9 days.

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