NuXo Email Filtering Services - protect your email server against spam virus and failure (high efficiency - no false positive - no changes to your existing installation)

About NuXo Technologies

NuXo Technologies Inc provides Managed Email Filtering Services to small and medium companies, with a strong focus on efficient spam detection without False Positives.
Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, NuXo Technologies is a privately held company aiming at bringing new technologies to the corporate world while making the process as painless as possible to its customers.

Why use our services?

Let's face it... It's not always possible to have in-house the high level expertise required to deal with the various threats that your corporate email server is exposed to.
Having an external consultant a few days a month to take care of it end up being very costly to your company.

Our unique technical solution guarantees by design that you will not lose any legitimate email coming from standard compliant servers, while achieving an exceptional level of email protection with full redundancy.

So let our team of experts in Email Services, Security and Network Technologies take care of your Email Filtering Services and focus on your core business with a real peace of mind!

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