NuXo Email Filtering Services - protect your email server against spam virus and failure (high efficiency - no false positive - no changes to your existing installation)

Fully Managed Services

Keeping up with the ever changing methods and tricks used by spammers and virus writers to go around detection software is a real challenge. It requires lot of highly specialized resources. That's why choosing managed anti-spam services is the best solution: no expensive hardware or software installation needed, no need for IT people working on it within the company (let specialists take care of it!) and most of all worry free!

Real-time Context Filtering

By performing advanced headers filtering and SMTP protocol validation, we are able to detect a large amount of spam directly when it's coming. Most other anti-spam solutions only do content filtering after the mail has been received. But it is already late, and they have lost access to very useful information and cannot react as efficiently.

Virus Protection

Our multilayered solution allows us to integrate various antivirus together in our filtering process. Emails containing virus can be destroyed, quarantined or reattached in a non lethal way and forwarded to the destination.

Content Filtering

Emails go through various content filtering layers, each of them performing specific tests and attributing a special score. The combination of all the scores is then compared to several thresholds, leading to the email's tagging as spam or not. High score spams can be automatically quarantined, and accessed later on by the targeted recipient if necessary.

Store and Forward

Our redundant architecture allows our servers to be used as backups when your company mail server is down. (maintenance, network outage, technical problems...) Once your server is back up, messages are automatically transferred to your company server. The cost for such an architecture with redundant servers and backup generators located in reliable Data Centers would be too high for small to medium companies.

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