NuXo Email Filtering Services - protect your email server against spam virus and failure (high efficiency - no false positive - no changes to your existing installation)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

When you decide to use our services, you only need to do a simple modification to your DNS settings. From then on, all emails sent to your domain are directed to our servers where they are analysed and scanned for viruses. Once done, emails are redirected to your corporate server.
You can see the Architecture.

What happens when you detect spam?

There are two main options:
- Quarantine disabled: spams are tagged in the subject line to let you know they have been identified as spam, and redirected along legitimate emails, to your corporate server.
- Quarantine enabled: spams above a certain level of confidence are kept in quarantine on our servers for one month.
Through regular spam reports, you can see the list of all spams that were put in quarantine, and access them.

How long does it take to get started?

As little as a few hours...

How secure is my email?

Our servers are highly secure, and thanks to our fully redundant architecture, there is no risk for you to lose any of them.

What are the requirements to use your services?

You just need to own a domain name and be able to modify its DNS settings.

Is it possible to try the service first?

Yes, you can request a free 30 days trial period.

Can I report a spam that wasn't detected by your service?

Yes you can, and it will actually help the detection of future spams. Simply send it as an attachment to

What is a False Positive?

A false positive is a legitimate email that was mistakenly considered as Spam. Traditional anti-spam solutions doing content filtering are prone to false positives.

What does phishing mean?

Phishing consists in pretending to be from an established legitimate enterprise or institution in order to steal personal information such as credit card number, passwords or social security numbers.

Phishing scams have drastically increased in the last few months. More information in phishing can be found on the Anti-Phishing Working Group web site.

What is Email Harvesting?

Email Harvesting consists in using specific software to analyze web pages, newsgroups, press releases... in order to extract email addresses. This is one of the most important way for spammers to get new valid email addresses.

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